Why we're glad we sponsor an Agape child

From orphan to physician

From orphan to physician

by Dr. John and Joyce Brinkerhoff

We spent a couple weeks staying at the Agape Children’s Home several years ago, and one of our delights was becoming acquainted with a very quiet, studious young man, Samuel K.  

He informed us that he wanted to become a medical missionary.  As a medical doctor myself, that pricked my interest.  Over the years we have watched Samuel study and work and serve (at his local church), and we communicated with him from time-to-time.   We were aware that as a 9 year old, he had lost his parents, and had never heard the gospel; he seemed without a future and a hope, yet he has become a bright star on our African horizon. 

Currently, Samuel is in his second semester of year 2 of 4 as a Physician’s Assistant!

We see a young man with definite promise of being a true future leader.


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  • HOPE Office March 06, 2013
    Such a great story, John & Joyce! I am so glad you had eyes to see this young man!

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