From Trauma to Healing

Butoyi Family Unit

Butoyi Family Unit

Families come in all shapes & sizes. 

In keeping with National Family Week, we would like to share with you today about an incredibly special family in Burundi.

As a result of a massacre in Gatumba in 2004, New Hope Center was established in 2005 with a vision to care for the many orphaned children.  Pastor Ruben and his wife, also Congolese refugees living in Burundi, oversee the home and it was because of his love for his people that the home was established.

From its inception, the home was divided into family units to help provide healing, love and care for the children and widows as a result of this very traumatic event.

Each of the mamas were themselves affected by and through this tragedy and these family units have also helped to bring healing to them. Each mama is responsible for the ten children under their care with help from a tantine (aunty - a young single woman also a survivor of the massacre).

Every family unit is a close knit group. The children learn to cook, wash their clothes and clean their rooms. Homework is done in a general study area and it is supervised by some university students who volunteer weekly. There is a young man who does administration for the centre and is overseen by Pastor Ruben who is the Papa for all the children. Pastor Ruben’s wife, Mama Bea, works with the mamas in the home overseeing all that is happening like buying food at the market, taking children to doctor appointments, and making sure they have the clothes they need. The children love to worship and learn the word of God.

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