Burundi Update 2016

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What a year our HOPE agents Ray and Mary Anne have experienced in Burundi. The political landscape has been incredibly unstable for months and they continue to weather the storms and uncertainty that come along with it. It is with such grace and trust in God that they continue their work in both Burundi & DRC. 

In 2015, due to escalating political unrest, the decision was made to move all the children from the comfort of their New Hope home to the safety of nearby country Rwanda. The original plan and hope was that the children would return back to their home in Bujumbura in time for school to start. However, it quickly became apparent that there would be no quick fix to the problems that Burundi is facing. As a result, 8 months later the children remain in Rwanda and are doing very well. They are settled into school and several of them are at the top of their class.

Please continue to pray for the Bales and the safety of those they work with. Mary Anne reports that people are arrested, tortured, or killed on a daily basis. Most of these are young men who live in areas of the city, which tend to be anti-government. Rapes are occurring in ever-increasing numbers. People have been driven from their homes, businesses closed, and yet they continue to try to provide for themselves and their family. They smile and push forward in the midst of much hardship.


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