Kids at the Hope House experience the joy of dance!

Kids at the Hope House experience the joy of dance!

In the spirit of bringing family and the arts together, and with its vision of seeing Davao City transformed by the year 2020 through holistic community development, staff and volunteers invited parents of children in the community to gather together last April 16, 2016 to officially open the Hope for the Nations Philippines TRANFORMED 2020 Community Development program. 

Thirty (30) people attended the event and most of them are mothers of the children under the Kids of Hope program. The event opened with a Zumba exercise to the tune of some danceable Christian fast songs led by the Performing Arts program Director Faith Ocquiola, and with the help of the young people attending the drama and dance workshops.

This event helped the parents and guardians of the children in the community appreciate the power of working together, envisioning together and enjoying fellowship. Tancho Baes, from Hope Philippines, shared an inspiring message about why the community development program was created.He emphasized the dream of transforming the community where the children live so that these kids will continue to grow and succeed in life.

One of the most meaningful experiences for the parents during this event is the time of playing together. To make it meaningful for them, the staff and volunteers prepared games and contests which were also educative. Divided into groups, these mothers worked together to create a picture of what TRANSFORMED 2020 is all about. One group won the game by raising a white banner, symbolizing the aim of this program to plant a banner in every transformed community in Agdao, Davao City, come year 2020. A lofty dream, but nothing is impossible with God.

Staff from the City Social Services Development Office (CSSDO) graced the occasion and at the end of the together, together with the participants, staff and volunteers signed the tarpaulin where the commitment form was printed. The commitment statements were said in the Cebuano language so that the community mothers can truly understand and reflect upon what they have committed to.

The 30 participants must have enjoyed it so much that they suggested to make some Saturdays a Zumba event and maybe if that will be a regular thing, it will be used as a tool for relationship-building,discipleship and evangelizing other adults in the community.


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