Scholar Highlight - Hanna Jumawan

Hanna, on the far left.

Hanna, on the far left.

Hanna Jumawan is a bright, driven student in grade 6. We know her through the Kids of Hope program, where she is able to recieve tutoring and support. Like most kids in the KOH program, she looks forward to a time when she will excel in her class, and will earn herself a spot in the honors list. Despite many setbacks, Hanna is well on her way to achieving this goal.

Hanna is, above all, determined. She is no typical student, just getting through school. Hanna rarely misses a class and, in fact, has been known to insert herself into a different class if hers is ever cancelled for the day. On top of refusing to miss even a single class, Hanna doesn't let food shortage stop her. Even when she has no money to buy snacks during break time or doesn't have food from home, she will attend her classes. 

Hanna is also very outgoing. She participates well in classroom activities, and never shies away from oral recitations. Instead of feeling threatened by class reporting, she thrives in it. She willingly asks the teacher for direction when she's having difficulty with a subject, which, for Hanna, is usually Science. 

Probably due to her extroverted personality and the support from the Kids of Hope program, Hanna is confident in her academic abilities and will continue to work hard towards her goal of making the honors list. We know that the honors list is just the start for Hanna! With support from Kids of Hope and our international partners, her drive and determination will allow her to do amazing things!

If you would like to further support Hanna and the other scholars, you can do so by

- praying for Hanna and the other children we meet through the Hope House and through Tutors of Hope,

donating to the Kids of Hope program,

- sharing this post with a friend.

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