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The performing arts can be a powerful tool of self expression and discovery. For almost six months now, children ages 11-16 attend the seminar and workshop on performing arts which is taught and facilitated by Faith Ocquiola, a former Youth With a Mission (YWAM) DTS student. Faith meets them every Wednesday and Thursday for a time of prayer, devotional and sharing before they proceed to the workshop.

One kid shared that the performing arts workshop helps her overcome shyness, and is a good exercise for someone like her who suffers from asthma. Before, she used to have attacks but after several warm ups and some dancing, she feels alright. Now she understands that attending training like this helps her accomplish feats which are difficult to do before. This is a testimony that performing arts training is an empowering experience.

During the soft opening of the Hope for the Nations Philippines Community Development program dubbed as “TRANSFORMED 2020,” the performing arts children presented a dance skit about the urgency of the Gospel of Christ. The song is about the danger of delaying yourself from serving God. Promising that you will serve God tomorrow is useless when tomorrow may never come. One of the mothers who attended the event cried upon watching the presentation. Then she confessed to one of the staff that a long time ago she had prevented her sons from attending a Kids of Hope VBS camp. She thought that they would be converted to another religion if she allowed them to attend the camp. After the presentation, she promised that she would now encourage her sons to join the camp because she did not want them to face life without Jesus.

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