How Graham Crackers Are Teaching Business Skills

Learning Food Skills!

Learning Food Skills!

At the Kids of Hope (KOH) program in Davao, graham crackers are playing a big role in teaching entrpreneurial skills to the scholars. Within the Kids of Hope tutorial program, which teaches academic skills like reading, we have the Learning on the Streets (LOTS) program to teach some additional, practical life skills.

Currently the scholars are learning how to invest small amounts for future gain, and how to make a profit from sold goods. One purpose for this is to eventually train the kids to manage their own business. As one can imagine, this is a challenging task for the mentors, yet it is the hope of everyone that these children will develop the habit of saving hard-earned money and making it grow. Truly, what they earned from their efforts in the KOH tutorials - to finish reading a book - is being well rewarded, collected, and invested.

So, where do Graham crackers come into play? Right now, the kids are having a fun time preparing munchkins - a delicious treat made of pounded Graham crackers mixed with cocoa and condensed milk powder and formed into small balls of sweet dessert. They are selling it for 2 pesos apiece for smaller balls and 5 pesos for bigger balls. So far, after months of buying raw ingredients using their savings, making munchkins and selling them, these junior entrepreneurs are gradually adding to their income from the profit that they made from their small business.

It is wonderful to see God's hand in guiding these children, who will eventually become well-educated providers for their families. We believe that if we invest into the children of Davao now, we will see an even greater return in the future. 

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