Holistic Discipleship

Sending Praises Back to God!

Sending Praises Back to God!

What makes a good disciple? How can we, at the Hope House and abroad, measure the effect of a mentor, or a teacher? Effective discipleship is not just about how efficient the teachers are in sharing their biblical knowledge with the Kids of Hope (KOH). While this is one method to understand the Biblical teachings, we generally prefer a more holistic approach to discipleship.

How the children in the Kids of Hope program picked up on the example live out by their mentors among them, both in Biblical knowledge and in interactions with others, is a much more useful measurement style. Are they growing in their love and knowledge of God? Do they care about the younger children? Are they able and willing to offer help or advice to other kids? Amazingly, we are seeing so much growth in all our Kids of Hope, and Kids of Hope youth are now ready to lead other children. One step at a time, they have grown more able to pass on what they have learned during their own period of being discipled by others. They have not only learned that holistic discipleship must include a love for people and a love for the Word of God, but are now learning how to teach the next generation how to go out into the world and make positive, lasting changes for the Kingdom of God!

As an added bonus, the KOH staff are now enjoying the benefit of "multiplying oneself through others." Every Friday and Saturday, the youth take responsibility for caring for the younger children in the program. They learned to integrate skills they have developed through the Urban Container Gardening in their discipleship time with the younger children.  What makes it worth the while is to witness how these young leaders pass on the holistic education lifestyle among their peers. There is truth to the saying that you can only share what you actually have!


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