Scholar Highlight - Jonaline Dagasdas

Jonaline D.

Jonaline D.

School can be tough for teens, especially when poverty is also working against them. However, some students simply refuse to give up. Jonaline Dagasdas is one of those students. Currently in grade 9, she often finds herself having difficulties with the lessons. Because of this, she will often end up handing assignments in late, or getting low scores on quizzes. Luckily, it is not in her nature to give up without a fight. Jonaline, or Jona, digs deep and finds the resolve, every day, to improve her quiz scores and improve her performance. To do this, she must be courageous and ask her teachers if she needs clarification on parts of the lesson. 

As we've gotten to know Jonaline, we've come to understand that confidence and overcoming shyness is one of the areas she needs the most help with. Indeed, self confidence is difficult for many people, which is why having a supportive community is so important. After all, if you don't first believe you can do something, how can you do it? Jonaline has begun attending the Kids Revolution every Saturday night, which is part of the Kids of Hope program, as a teaching assistant. Being able to help others has helped to boost her self assurance, as she realizes that it is amazing not only to recieve help and guidance, but to give it.

We know that God is doing amazing work in Jonaline's life, and in the lives of the people she interacts with on Saturday nights. 

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