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Our scholars are incredible young people. We are continually impressed and inspired by their ability to rise above, despite the challenges they face. One of these challenges is peer pressure, which is a huge issue facing young people in the Philippines, where emphasis is put on upholding the group values, as opposed to individual expression.

For me personally, and perhaps many of us in North America, this concept can be difficult to fully grasp. While I did fair amount of peer pressure in school, there were also people reminding me that I didn't need to follow the group. Many children in Davao do not have anyone telling them that it's OK to be different and break the mold a little. 

This can become particularly tricky if one's group begins to experiment with drugs or alcohol, and this was the exact situation one of our scholars found herself in this school year. One of our particularly bright and dedicated scholars had a difficult choice to make when her friend group began drinking alcohol. 

At first, she participated in order to not create tension in the group. However, she quickly realised that compromising her personal morals was not worth keeping up appearances or trying to compliment the group mentality. 

After a short time, she broke the trend of "just going along with it," and chose to tell her mother, God, and the leaders at the Hope House about what she'd been struggling with. 

We are incredibly inspired by this young woman's bold choice to live authentically and live according to God's word. We feel blessed to be part of her life, and invite you to be part of hers, and the rest of the scholar's lives by

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