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Tancho with the Children of Change!

Tancho with the Children of Change!

In the Philippines, leadership traditionally follows an authoritarian structure. Adherence to the group and social norms is celebrated, as is obedience to those you are "above" you. Children are generally expected to do as they're told and not challenge authority figures or the status quo. For our workers at the Hope House, this cultural norm has proven to be both a hurdle and a blessing. While it has, at times, been difficult to help kids overcome the fear of being different in a culture that values sameness, Hope Philippines staff have been able to use this obstacle to set the centre apart in a good way.

The Hope for the Nations Philippines Executive Director, Tancho Baes, has purposely run the centre with a more collaborative style of leadership than would typically be expected of someone in his position. He chooses to lead through inspiration, versus intimidation, and having an adult show genuine interest in their ideas and abilities is incredibly empowering for any child. This collaborative and empowering leadership style has helped many children feel that they can be bold in other situations, such as their social circles at school. 

Indeed, the very idea of "Children of Change" is revolutionary. In the Philippines, children would not typically be the ones to introduce change. And yet, we have an entire centre full of scholars and change makers, willing, confident, and able to go out into their schools and workplaces and introduce change. These are brave children, willing to disrupt social norms on purpose with the purpose of changing the society around them.

Under the care of Tancho and the other staff, these children at risk are becoming Children of Change. If you would like to partner with Tancho, you can do so by

- Praying for our workers and the children they encounter

- Donating to any of our empowerment programs

- Sharing this post with a friend.

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