Finding Hope in Kenya

Celebrating the opening of the "community library".

Celebrating the opening of the "community library".

This September, our ambassador of HOPE, Nadine, set off with her team of volunteers to visit our friends in Kenya. HOPE was fortunate enough to have Mike Ayers, a certified counselor, and Charlene Nguyen, a doula, join Nadine on this trip.  

Pregnancy, poor nutrition, and childbirth are significant risks to mothers and their newborn babies born in the slums. Charlene put together a unique training session focussing on basic nutrition, prenatal care, and emergency delivery techniques and breastfeeding. The highlight of the class was the opportunity for these women to hear their baby's’ heartbeat for the very first time. The overwhelming turnout for the class showed a real hunger in the community for more understanding. It has set the ball rolling forward as we look at these challenging but life-changing issues in the slums.

Mike and Charlene spoke openly about addictions and struggles in the slums. This class went so well and sparked a passion in the young men to continue meeting and supporting one another on a weekly basis. Mike will be working with local groups in Chilliwack, BC to ensure they get all the resources they need to move forward together.

HOPE has also been working hard to help set up a “community library” for our school, Hope and Bright Future. We are so thankful for the very generous gift, given by a HOPE donor in loving memory of his late wife. Additionally, through the generous donors of HOPE, the team purchased books, set up shelving, flooring, and provided cozy cushions for sitting. Final touches came together with this quote being painted on the wall: “Write to be understood, Speak to be heard, and Read to grow.”

These are just a few of the highlights from the Kenya team trip. If you are interested in going on a volunteer trip to serve, contact us for more information.

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