'Mountains' that students have to face

Writing exams

Writing exams

'Poor' students in Kenya face seemingly unscalable mountains when it comes to advancing their educational dreams.

Level Eight students must write government exams if they want to move on to the next level. However, they must have the following requirements:

  • Birth certificate
  • Registration Fee
  • Specifically designed desks located in spacious classrooms

'Poor' students living in the slums often do not have ID cards. They have been lost by their caregivers or never provided. Cost: $26

'Poor' students cannot afford the exam registration fee. Cost: $31

'Poor' students cannot afford a 'special' desk. Cost: $46

Tragic result? Students cannot advance in their education because they cannot afford these requirements. Poverty kills their chance to advance.

Thousands of hard-working, ambitious, bright-minded students hit the wall. They become victims of a misguided educational system.

Good news? 24 students from HOPE & BRIGHT FUTURE SCHOOL just wrote their government exams! The very first to do so in this school.

How did this happen? Donors who care about the future for these students gave generously. Donors like you who value education and step forward to become a strategic part of their education.

Each student, along with HOPE FOR THE NATIONS, thanks you!



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