Visions, Dreams, and Making a Difference

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This week, we’d like to share with you an inspiring update from the children from New Hope Center and their vision for the future!


“Where there is no vision, the people perish!”


Our children in New Hope Center have every reason to give up! For many of them, life has seemingly dealt them a losing hand. All refugees from war in Congo or survivors of the massacre in Burundi, they have been forced to leave what had become home for them in our Center in Burundi, and now find themselves living yet again in another country. Most of them have lost parents, family members, and friends along the way, and in many cases survived both physical and emotional wounding. And yet, rather than giving up or becoming bitter and resentful, they have survived and even thrived. They have had to learn another language, pick up their studies all over again, this time in English, and settle again in new and strange surroundings. But they have thrived, determined to be better and not bitter.


Recently, the children have been asked to share what vision and dreams they may have for their lives, and how they think they can make a difference. I have been blessed and overwhelmed with their passion, vision, dreams, and determination to be difference-makers wherever God would lead them. Here are a few of their responses: cardiologist, surgeon, doctor, writer, journalist, professor, businessman and businesswoman, engineer, pilot, pastor, evangelist, professional football player, lawyer, government minister, military officer, and even President. In every case, it was not to be successful for themselves, but rather so they could give back and be agents of change in their country or wherever God should lead them.


When Jeanne arrived at New Hope Center she received the first nice clothes and shoes she had ever had. It so impacted her that she began thinking about all the children she had seen in Congo and began to have the vision to start a clothing manufacturing company which will provide clothing and shoes to orphans and the poor. With vision and dreams continuing to live in and through them, they surely will not perish but rather live life to the fullest.


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