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a fun training session for Workplace Preparation

a fun training session for Workplace Preparation

I remember my 1st job more than 10 years ago, how exciting it was to sling a tote bag, put on nice heels and troop into the office. I mean, I came right out of university where we wore our rags and slippers to school everyday. Such a sense of pride and achievement, almost. Yet, I was also left wondering why my direct supervisor was a pain, I didn't how to handle office meetings, culture of meeting and greeting clients and what exactly was expected of a "report". No, they definitely don't teach you such things in school.

I am currently working in an international school in Phnom Penh and I was with a 5-star hotel before. I interviewed staff, train new people and my team comprises locals so I know not to take for granted that everyone will understand office culture, team work, authority, the unspoken "rules" of writing reports and replying emails. If they're not taught the soft skills in universities and if no one purposefully coaches, then how should a young person learn?

One of our organization's goals is to empower young people to be the best employee they can, be part of the team, learn soft skills and be a great help to their supervisors. I feel that with proper training and guidance in office culture, we are also helping employers and businesses do well. If every staff were to function at full capacity, the business succeeds, less wastage of resources and everyone is efficient and effective. If many businesses succeed, then the economy as a whole stands to move forward.

Workplace Preparation is a 12-hour programme that equips and trains young people to handle office culture and learn office etiquette. We cultivate independent thinking, motivate initiative and encourage basic manners and respect. In a nation where values are different, the person with honesty, humility and responsibility will stand out. You too can support our young people by sponsoring them through the Workplace Prep progrmme @ $120/student. Email for more information.   

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