Surgery for newborn Mark from former orphan family

Kuliks family

Kuliks family

Ruslan and Anya first met thanks to Destiny Center ministry. Anya is the older daughter of Natasha and Costia Kuzov, the administrator and the speaker at our Alpha courses. Ruslan graduated from Orphanage No. 4 in Kharkiv in which Destiny Center began its work. Ruslan has graduated from Kharkiv National Law Academy and now works with Dorcas International, a Christian relief and development organization. He also helps many orphanage graduates pro bono with various legal issues. Ruslan and Anya are part of our team ministering to children at Bogodukhov orphanage.

Ruslan and Anya got married in September of 2015. In May of 2016 Anya became pregnant with their first child. There were no problems during pregnancy but on the 35th week, at the third screening the ultrasound showed suspected hydrocephalus and underdeveloped cerebellum. The repeat checkup confirmed this terrible diagnosis. A decision to give birth via C-section was made. On January 5, 2017 Anya gave birth to a boy they called Mark.

After an MRI scan the leading neurosurgeon in Kharkiv they consulted said that Mark needed a ventriculoperitoneal shunt — a medical device inserted into the brain cavities to relieve excess pressure on the brain caused by fluid accumulation. The price for this shunt system alone was approx. $1970, plus Ruslan has had to pay for a set of medical supplies for the surgery (about $120) and Anya’s and Mark’s hospital stay ($20-$35 a day). The total expenses have exceeded $2500. The family had to borrow this money because they didn't have it. On January 18, 2017 the doctors performed the VP shunting procedure on Mark. The surgery went well, and Mark is in recovery now. He will be undergoing monthly MRI scans in the immediate future.

If you can help this young family with your prayers and donations, it will help them go through this challenging period of their lives. Any amount will be appreciated.

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