When a Container is Not a Container, But a Classroom!

Containers Becoming Classrooms

Containers Becoming Classrooms

They sit on docks all over the world, abandoned, useless, rusting, unsightly.  But with a little care and imagination, ocean-going shipping containers make for amazing building materials. They are strong, made to stack 10-high, earth-quake proof, watertight, uninteresting to termites and best of all - cheap!  Recycling these containers into buildings gives new life to the containers and to projects like the Living Waters Secondary School. Once cleaned up and modified they fit together like lego blocks in so many unique and interesting combinations.  The walls can be cut out, the pieces used to build stairs or balustrades.  All that's needed is a welder and some elbow grease! And a great builder with imagination and experience - in our case, Bill Hebner, originally from Kelowna.  He has planned a wonderful building that's useful, expandable, flexible and best of all, affordable.  There would clearly be no better use for the donated funds than building this way, where your dollar can go farther and more children can receive the education they deserve.  

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