Frightened and Lost

Outside police station

Outside police station

We all know of the story of the boy on the shore throwing Starfish back into the water. When asked why, his famous line was: "to this starfish it made a difference!".

We have recently resuced one "starfish" from the shores of exploitation.

Here is the brief story:

At 7 p.m. the police corporal in Mtwapa called with an urgent request for help regarding a child abuse and neglect case.

A 9-year old girl had ran for help to the police station to avoid the abuse from her mother who was lost in drinking dens. She was frightened, hungry, dressed in rags and had dropped out of school.

The request from the police was practical: "Would you please provide us with assurance of the full provision of food, shelter and schooling for this young girl?" (We have a good working relationship with the police)

Response? Christopher, along with our school manager and nutritionist, finalized the papers, took her shopping for some clothes and found her a safe place to stay for the night. 

Outcome? One day later, this young girl is in our care, attending school and sponsored fully by HOPE FOR THE NATIONS.

"To this one Starfish, it made a difference!"

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