With God All Things are Possible

Before...and after

Before...and after

For those who didn’t get the chance to read my previous post, here’s a short recap:

The baby in this picture is named Madalitso, which means "blessing" in the language of Malawi.  His mom died when he was a year old. His 9-year old sister took care of him because relatives said they could not afford to feed another mouth. His sister begged for food every day. She carried Baby Mada on her back. She cried for her dead mommy. As is often the case in Malawi, there was no father around.


And so the story continues…

Their Father in heaven was around, though; He knew whom to send. 


First, He sent Madalitso's aunt. She came to look for the children months after their mom was buried. When she found them, her heart sank. They were starving. They had no clothes but the ones they wore. They were not attending school.  The worst part, Mada was near death.  At 16 months old, he weighed just 9 pounds. His picture on the left speaks volumes.


Next, He sent donors through Hope Village and the Hope Village Clinic.  The aunt found out about Hope Village and made a 6-hour bike ride to the southern district of Chikhwawa. "I don't know what to do for him," was her plea when we first met her. 


She feared time was running out for Madalitso.  We took one look at his fragility and wept.  With days, we had donation after donation to help nurse this baby back to life.


And thus began the Baby Mada transformation.  Because he was so severely malnourished, his immune system was crushed.  He was tormented with chronic malaria, endless ear and chest infections, parasitic worms, relentless diarrhea and fevers.  His health was our daily battle. 


But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)


In just 9 months, this 9-pound skeletal frame became a chubby, healthy toddler (pictured on the right). The miracle? Hope Village Clinic through the help of sponsors who funded his one-year treatment; Prayers, and lots of them; And organic super foods like the dried moringa leaf we used daily at the clinic as a nutritional supplement.


Mada was a blessing in more ways than his Malawian name. He lived with me and my family for one year, while God worked a miraculous transformation in front of our very eyes.   


Do you have a heart for babies?  Perhaps God can use you to transform more babies like Madalitso at the Hope Village Clinic. It only takes a click ;) 

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