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We’re very excited to introduce a new agent with Hope for the Nations: Tiny Hands International. Working in Nepal, Tiny Hands combats the growing issue of child trafficking throughout the region. “An estimated 30,000 people are trafficked into India from Nepal and Bangladesh every year - with the average age being 15.”


Girls in particular are often drawn away with the promise of money and/or marriage but are then abused, sold, tortured, imprisoned, along with numerous other atrocities. Tiny Hands is combatting this issue on three fronts (an excerpt from


Data Collection and Analysis - Every week we encounter dozens of trafficking cases.  By interviewing intercepted victims in these cases, we are able to gather a huge amount of up-to-date information about trafficking to be used in prosecutions and investigations.


Prosecutions - We believe that the prosecution of traffickers is one of the most important ways to fight trafficking. We assist trafficking victims in prosecuting their traffickers.

Intelligence-Led Investigations - We develop actionable and timely intelligence from which a specific trafficking target can been identified.


The other side of Tiny Hands International is ‘Children’s Ministry’; through which they are currently operating several homes in South Asia where children are cared for, educated, and given a place to call home.

HOPE is excited to be working with Tiny Hands on new projects to help further continue their work in South Asia to the benefit of children at risk. You can learn more about Tiny Hands at If you’d like to support a Tiny Hands International project with HOPE, you can view their latest project here.

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