Dental and Medical Clinics in Kenya

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Doctor Martin Kim has traveled to Kenya several times, volunteering his time to provide free dental care to those in need. Here's an account from his most recent visits:

During my last two visits to Kenya in 2016, I had the privilege of participating with Hope for the Nations in providing medical and dental procedures and health education to under-privileged Kenyans. Inside the city of Nairobi, I worked in the Sinai and Soweto slums where HOPE has projects.

We set up a medical and dental camp where we provided treatment to over 700 local residents, with medical screenings (diabetes, hypertension, HIV), treatment of acute conditions (infections, pains, deworming), dental treatments (extractions, and fillings), and preventative health education and referrals.

During this medical/dental camp, we trained 6 of the older students from Hope and Bright Future School to be medical and dental assistants to allow a more interactive experience.


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