Upcycled Shipping Containers to Beautiful School?

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Once cleaned up and modified shipping containers fit together like lego blocks in so many unique and interesting combinations.  The walls can be cut out, the pieces used to build stairs or balustrades.  All that's needed is a welder and some elbow grease! And a great builder with imagination and experience - in our case, Bill Hebner, originally from Kelowna. 

With this vision our HOPE agent liaison Cathleen Loge has pursued the goal of building a high school in Tanzania relentlessly. After much hard work,  and fundraising this dream is quickly becoming a reality. Scheduled to open fully furnished in time for the new school year starting January 2018

In a nation of systemic poverty, extreme unemployment and government corruption students in Tanzania stand less than a 5% chance of finishing high school in the public system where classes are hopelessly overcrowded and underfunded. 

For the students at Living Waters Secondary school, caring teachers and values-based curriculum will give students the tools they need to become community leaders and employers.  Their nation needs them to fulfill their dreams and together we can make that a reality. 

 Once completed The Living Waters High school will be a beautiful light blue with dark blue trim and mahogany wood doors. It might be hard to see, but it's coming!

Funds collected now will go toward desks chalkboards and equipment for the school. We aim to be ready for up to 500 students!





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