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Rampure lower secondary school in Kaku is the only school that teaches from grade 1 to grade 8 for the entire Rampur community of Kaku, Nepal. This community consists of over 200 households. Most of the people who live here are a minority ethnic group like Rai and dalits (a lower caste often referred to as ‘untouchable’). 90% of the population are subsistence farmers whereas few work as seasonal trekking porters. During the earthquake in 2015 the school was badly damaged and part of the structure collapsed. Luckily the damage occurred on a Saturday (a holiday in Nepal) so none of the students or teachers were injured. Unfortunately,  half the building suffered from multiple cracks, a falling roof, and numerous broken windows.

The community and teachers have had no choice but to continue to use the unsafe building for teaching children every day. 250 students are risking their life everyday in these unsafe buildings. Realizing the immediate need to rebuild new classrooms for the students is now a priority for the local community, Hope for the Nations and The Small World initiated construction of 2 classrooms.

The Small World believes in creating opportunities, taking responsibility, and giving back to the community. All projects are community owned, with locals participating actively in both the decision-making processes and the implementation of the project. Using this model has ensured a feeling of ownership by the community and the continuity of the project’s future. Since these small communities are generally “off the radar” for government support, communities learn how to organize and successfully gain aid from other organizations like The Small World and Hope for the Nations.

The new classroom will be earthquake resistant and provide more natural light with a skylight roof. The goal is to finish the school construction by end of July before monsoon season begins so students can use the rooms for their new academic session.

If you’d like to contribute to the construction of the new classrooms in Nepal, you can learn more about the project HERE


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