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I wonder how many people still believe that the highest calling is to serve in church, in a pastoral ministry and to be a pastor or minister. We determine the hierarchy of work and put different values on different careers. Surely the tax collectors, the money lenders and the people working in the casinos need spiritual counseling. Truth is, we're mostly called to the marketplace and God in His sovereign wisdom has created us so unique and special and gifted us with strengths, talents, interests and even weaknesses for us to be effective in societal transformation. Each of us contribute to the world in ways only we can. I love that thought.

Mr Jimmy Pak, hails from Hong Kong and has more than 20 years of management experience in MNCs and started his own consulting firm in 2000 to develop employee care and corporate training for his clients, in line with the theology of work. He's a candidate of Doctor of Transformational Leadership under the supervision of Rev Paul Stevens at Bakke University. He's passionate about helping this generation of young people discover the image God bestowed on them and finding their careers, where they will flourish and contribute to society even as they find meaning in life and gain a deeper understanding of who God is and draw closer to Him.

We did a workshop for young people, where they were given opportunities to do a simple assessment, share their discoveries and encourage each other. One participant said, "Now I know I'm not weird and I do certain things because of my learning style." Other participants nodded enthusiastically when they hear themselves being described. We provide tools to help them create optimun learning environments and open horizons to possible career paths.

Work is already tough. Why not make it your your passion, in line with your personal goals and build communities of like-minded people to share, learn and continually grow? Once we understand God's intention for work, I believe our whole paradign will change and we go to work happy and return home fulfilled. Thank you Jimmy. Follow up workshop will be scheduled for next quarter. 

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