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Rancho El Refugio

December 2017


It has been an awesome year at Rancho El Refugio! We have seen the Lord’s hand watching over us in so many ways as lives have been touched, protected, and changed.

Some of the highlights have been a new school bus for the Puente de Vida school and multiple teams coming from both the US and Canada to minister to people in Ensenada and Ojos Negros. We were protected from a major fire in the nearby countryside, only losing 3 bunkhouses in all of it. Other events include 3 firemen training events for the local people, continued schooling at Puente de Vida school, a prison ministry that is touching people in prison and when they are released, many local teams holding retreats at The Ranch, and so much more.

The ministry done through The Ranch has been and continues to be an exciting step of faith. It’s only possible by your partnering in the ministry with us through prayer support, by bringing teams to The Ranch, and by your generous and much needed financial support. We love you and thank you. Here’s a couple of stories of what’s been happening lately.

Familia Fajardo Tinoco

In the month of October, the family Fajardo Tinoco left the Michoacan state of Mexico. They left their town, Apatzingán, fleeing from a host of evils: drug cartels, delinquency, kidnappings, gangs, and inequality, (which allowed their lands to be taken from them.) In fear that the cartels would recruit their children to help sell drugs, the family decided to migrate to Ensenada, Mexico to start a new life.

With help of an acquaintance, they began working at a small ranch near Rancho el Refugio. After settling, they began looking for a school for their children. The neighbors told them of the small school at Rancho el Refugio, and the family approached the school. Had they requested places in another school, it would have been much more complicated since the school year had already started. We were able to offer space for Ruben, (Jr. High) Johan, (4th grade) Seany, (1st grade) and David (Preschool) to attend Puente de Vida. The family is very thankful, and readily share that the school has made an impact on their lives. The family Fajardo Tinoco say that the school has made a great impact on their lives. They feel protected, loved, and understood, thanks to the Word of God that is spoken and lived by the school’s staff.

Ruben Alejandro’s Testimony

Ruben Alejandro, the oldest son of the family and a student in Jr. High, says that he is glad that his family doesn’t have to run from danger, proud that he’s part of a beautiful school, and thankful that his family is happy. In school at Puente de Vida, he has learned how to pray, sing praises, and have a good relationship with God-- in Michoacan, there aren’t any schools like Puente de Vida. He says, “Thank God for this beautiful blessing!”

September Highlight

In September, different workshops were held with the participation of the student's parents. The carpentry workshop for the students was provided for the Elementary and Jr. High students, who worked with Ruben Dos. The general objective was for the students to learn how to use work tools like the electric sander, the drill and, of course, the hammer.

We want to prepare the students in all areas of life, not just academics.

We have been able to engage the parents at the school, and they have supported the program in different areas, such as cooking, cleaning, sewing workshops, crafts and devotional time. Parents feel blessed to participate in the school activities and witness the progress that their children make in all areas. God is working in a great way in the life of each one of the students, and the staff takes to heart the opportunity to sow the word of God in their lives.

Where do we need help? Help us build up the Ranch! We need to recover the bunk houses that burned, finish our school building, keep the generator and vehicles running, and pay our staff so that we can continue to tell our story to those who are looking for hope! The story of the Good News of Jesus that reverberates in every good deed we do together. Only through you are we able to provide space for this school and local conferences.  

During these winter months when we do not have as many teams coming to the ranch, the funds start to get tight.  We need your help!  It costs about $11,000 per month to run the ranch, school and educate the children. Would you be willing to sponsor a student, or support the ranch directly?    See how YOU can be a part of changing lives for eternity. 

Blessings, The Ranch Staff and Board


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