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We were so excited when Morgan spoke to Ralph and wanted to spend some time in Cambodia. Armed with a TESOL certificate, we felt teaching was one of the best ways to interact and communicate with the community and education is something we strongly advocate. He spent one month in Poipet, the Thai-Cambodian border town at a private school, Minghua Northwest School teaching English to Primary school students. He helped developed materials and worksheets, played games and build relationships. He was such a blessing to the principal. 

Morgan's testimony was that it was a great "time out" from his bustling city of Langley. The pockets of time and space were much needed for re-calibrating, finding self and seeking God in a foreign and different environment. Cross culture differences was challenging, the food, the language, the thinking but Morgan was a champ to adapt quickly and fully immerse himself and be a part of community. He also took the opportunity to travel to various provinces, understand history and appreciate temples and sights uniquely Cambodian. 

Living with the YWAM base enabled him to experience Cambodian culture through community outreaches and people who come to the base to hang out yet they were also family to him and provided much support and encouragement. It was a good mix of the familiar and the new.  

If you are interested in cross culture immersion and would like to use your skills and talents to help disadvantaged communities in Cambodia or other nations, email Melissa or speak to someone from Hope For The Nations. There is definitely something that you can contribute to fill gaps and make positive change. We facilitate your work or volunteering opportunity, accommodation and domestic transportation (if the city you're interested in does not have an international airport) and make sure you are placed in community so you have support and encouragement. All you need to do is jump in with an extraordinary passion and I believe your life will change even as you change the lives of those around you.  

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