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One of our goals, at HOPE, is to make education accessible to everyone, at every socio-economic level, every demographic and sphere of society. We want to cast the vision about importance of education and enable everyone who is willing an opportunity to continue the learning journey.

This past weekend, together with Northwest International Centre in Poipet, Cambodia, we organzied our inaugural IETLS Introduction, Study Abroad and Career Pathway Seminar. It brought together education experts who facilitate the study abroad process, IELTS experts and different ones from across Asia to share their experiences and wisdom gained from venturing into an unknown country in pursuit of their passion. Speakers from India, Thailand, Philippines, France and Singapore shared invaluable experiences and challenges when studying in the UK, Australia, Singapore. It was such an engaging session because about 200 students and young working adults were on their toes listening and asking questions. Immediately after about 20 students registered for IELTS test.   

Once touted a "cowboy town", where nobody, not even Cambodians want to live at, notorious for casinos, dirt roads, corruption and vices, Poipet has now become a bustling community, inhabited by restaurants and cafes, factories which generate income and provide employment, sports clubs for recreation and schools with good quality education for the general public. The young generation are hungry for knowledge and given opportunities to dream and chase their dreams.

Coming alongside passionate Cambodian people is the icing on the cake. Mr Setha and Ms Thary is a dynamic couple who owns a private school in this northwest border city of Poipet and they have invested their time and money to build the Northwest International Centre. When completed at the end of this year, it will be a hub for workshops and seminars, a co-working space for collaboration and team work, avenues for businesses and a tourism center for arts and culture. We support the champions who advocate for their own people, as we affectionately say and they will be the movers and shakers of this city.

We welcome international speakers, we want to host fun educational programs, businesses and any persons who wants to partner us in an internship capacity. Write to See you in Poipet.  

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