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The Agape Children’s Home located just outside of Accra, Ghana, is home to over 80 abandoned or orphaned children. The home employs a community care model with children living with ‘foster parents’ who raise them in a family model with up to six other kids. The home ensures the children are properly cared for and have access to both medical services and educational resources.


One child who has been with the home for some time is ‘Junior’: The Agape Children’s Home driver saw Junior sitting on the side of the road for several days before he stopped and asked where his parents were. Junior was 4 to 5 years old at the time and was lost and sick. He had no family to speak of. The children’s home took him in, treated him, and gave him a home.


Now, years later, Junior is a teenager and has a real talent for art and leadership:


“This month we would like to feature a young man at our home who has been blessed with real artistic talent: Junior. Junior regularly produces beautiful drawings and paintings that amaze us all. He also volunteers on Sunday morning with the children’s program, and participates in the church choir. At the Home, he leads the younger children in praise and worship. We are very proud of our older boys. Some of them have been with us for 13 years! They have become great leaders for the younger boys, and work hard in the church as well. God has richly blessed us.” 


Junior is just one example of the great work being done at Agape Children’s Home. It’s through sponsorship and support that these children are able to lead healthy and productive lives, and are able to look to the future with a sense of hope.



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