Innovative Education for the Impoverished

The large number of out of school youth in impoverished communities offers evidence that traditional public school education in the Philippines no longer serve as an effective means of equalizing opportunity for economic and social advancement for majority of the children in abject poverty.  Unless we rethink and repackage our approaches to intervention, a lot of these children will quit school early and become unproductive, unemployable and even misfits in our society. Those who continue on with school often become chronic delinquents because they are immune to standard instructional programs.

Here at Hope for the Nations Philippines, we are offering innovative education to impoverished children through our Pathway to Life Schoolhouse and the Learning on the Streets Program. Aside from the curriculum required by the Department of Education, we offer our students modular courses in godly values, entrepreneurship, public speaking, creative writing, basic accounting and bookkeeping, economics, environment and sustainability, advocacy, the Philippine constitution, governance, to name a few. 

All our programs center around leadership development because our goal is to raise these children to become servant leaders with influence – leaders who have a deep love for God, a strong love for the country and a passion to serve.

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