Colors Bring Hope - Phase One

Along with volunteers and slum-dwellers, the staff of Hope for the Nations Philippines has just finished Phase One of our community painting project. Dubbed as Colors Bring Hope, this transformation will add a layer of protection especially to the vulnerable children once all the houses are painted. It will also help eradicate the stigma of poverty and draw positive attention to this otherwise neglected and marginalized community.

We are very excited to start Phase Two of Colors Bring Hope and we currently need sponsors for paint to finish the project. Your 750 PHP or $15 will paint a house. If you are interested to donate, please send us a message via Messenger or by email at

We are looking forward to partner with you in bringing hope, boosting morale and restoring the dignity of the marginalized by transforming their drab-colored community into a beautiful and colorful canvass.

Thank you to the sponsors of Phase One.

Please don't forget to like and share this video. It will help us a lot in raising awareness of the plight of the impoverished in the slums. Thank you.

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