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An update from HOPE Agent, Firm Foundations in Romania . . .


2017 was a successful year for Firm Foundations Romania. Our hospital project continued running smoothly with 50 short term volunteers, representing ten countries, who came to hold and take care of the abandoned and semi-abandoned babies in the hospital. We had ten supervisors, long term volunteers who come for longer than three months, serving in the hospital as well. FFR provided these children with 38,500 diapers in 2017.


The After School Program has around 130 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Our goal is to assist these students with their education, teach hygiene and life lessons, and most importantly, introduce the hope and love of Jesus Christ. This past year we hired two new teachers, including a former student who was in our After School Program. After receiving assistance from FFR in the After School Program and while attending high school, Petrisor graduated and was looking for a job. We hired him as an educator and he is doing a wonderful job in this role. For the children in the program, this is an opportunity for them to see what they can become if they continue with their schooling and education.


Andreea Mondoc, who was one of the first students we worked with, graduated from university this past year with a degree in Social Work! Andreea always said she wanted to be a social worker so she can help her own people. After years of hard work, Andreea succeeded in this goal and received a job working with orphans in Romania. We are so proud of her accomplishments.


FFR started a program working with Teen Moms in the Roma village. Many teens get pregnant between the ages of 15-19, and therefore end up dropping out of school, if they have not done so already. We are currently working with six teen moms and hoping to increase this program in 2018. Our goal is to help these young mothers learn how to connect with their babies, which will also help prevent abandonment, and how to be responsible in this new role. We provide a safe place for the girls to meet and ask questions.


We look forward to 2018 and seeing what God will do next.


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