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At HOPE, we’re always excited to see new projects launch. Over the next little while, we’ll be seeing four new projects launched that will help children at risk become children of change. From sustainability to education and beyond, there’s lots of amazing work being done by HOPE agents all over the world.


Here are a few highlights of the four projects . . .

PROJECT #1 - Kenya – The Children’s Transformation Project  


HOPE UK is working with The Children’s Transformation Project in Kenya to build a children’s rescue center called Faith Village. The village will include several different programs including a water project which includes:


Rain water harvesting – reservoirs and storm water drains (90% complete)

Dam for large volume water storage (50% complete)


HOPE will help raise funds to complete the reservoirs and dams in order to harvest and store water for the village.

PROJECT #2 - Syria – Justice Rising – Scholarship Grants  


HOPE has been working with Justice Rising in DR Congo since 2012 on several education projects. Earlier this year Justice Rising expanded their reach into Syria after site visits to Aleppo, Syria, where the need for Primary and Secondary School scholarship grants was identified.

Funds raised for this project will go toward creating scholarships so students can continue their education.

PROJECT #3 - Romania – UP Romania  


UP Romania began building a Learning Center in 2010, after dedicating time with local representatives and community members to develop a project that would meet the needs of the Haghig community. Over 6000 children and young adults live in Haghig and the 5 surrounding villages. More than 60% of children drop out of school after the 8th grade, with a prospective future of becoming socially assisted, under-qualified, and unproductive members of their community. UP Romania’s goal is to create more learning and career opportunities, while offering social support to the most vulnerable members of the community, focusing on children and youth.

PROJECT #4 - Liberia – HOPE Liberia 


Philip Pleiwon came through HOPE Liberia programs in Ganta when he was young. He is now Board Chair of HOPE Liberia and a successful businessman. He came up with the concept of creating a text book app for students throughout Africa to purchase school books at a reduced cost. He has spent the last three years developing a business plan and connecting with textbook companies and universities. Funds raised through HOPE will go toward developing the app in order to provide educational resources for students in Liberia.


More exciting news to follow.......

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