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Please join us in welcoming Jocelyn Whalen to the Food for Thought Team!


Jocelyn is working with us this summer in conjunction with the Okanagan Fruit Tree Project to help preserve fruit for the next school year. They are making jam, fruit leather, and much more. 


Jocelyn is an Environmental Scientist with a passion for environmental education, sustainable agriculture and the great outdoors! She has a BSc. H. Environmental Resource Science and Studies from Trent University, Environmental Technology Graduate Diploma and Environmental Technician Diploma from Fleming College. She grew up in Southern Ontario and moved to BC in June 2017, after graduating university, to pursue her career. Initially, she secured an internship through Agri-Canada where she worked for a non-profit organization in the Lower Mainland as an Environmental Projects Coordinator on an organic farm and education centre. She has been living in the Okanagan Valley since February 2018 and has already created strong, long lasting relationships with local environmental organizations, schools and communities. Jocelyn enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, and she also volunteers with a local therapeutic farm.

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