The Rainy Season Has Arrived in the Philippines

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The rainy season in the Philippines runs from June to October each year with average rainfall at lower elevations of around 1000 millimeters and in higher elevations of up to 5000 millimeters. With the added risk of typhoons and tropical storms, the monsoons that sweep through the Philippines during this season every year results in a difficult time for everyone.


With the kids in the Philippines already back to school, we’re looking to assist HOPE agent, Divine Inheritance by raising funds to help keep the students dry throughout the year.


It’s important that the weather doesn’t impede the student’s ability to learn. We want to empower the children in the child soldier scholars program so they can learn and thrive, and arrive at school dry and safe. In order to do this, we want to supply them with raincoats!


A little about the program from Divine Inheritance: Our child soldier and tribal community beneficiaries are excited to enroll in their new grade level. This is the fourth year of our child soldier scholars program. Funding support has enabled us to more than double the number of scholars since our inaugural class of 40 kids. We have had 100% re-enrollment and successful advancement to the next grade since inception; with nearly a quarter of our scholars moving up with honors, recognized in the top tier of class rankings.


Learn more about the project and make a donation by clicking here:


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