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HOPE agent, The Hope Transformation Centre in Mukwa, located in the Bungoma region in Kenya runs a widow rescue program in the local community. Their goal has always been to feed and house widows in need, but recent events are presenting some unexpected challenges and they need your help.


To provide some perspective, here are excerpts from the most recent report:


“We have finally buried Fanis one of the widows that we have supported for quite long. Fanis was among the average aged widows that are on the support. She was the first widow to be built a house and be given a goat. Fanis has been staying with 4 children but 3 weeks ago 3 children left to be somewhere else because their house was very cold, with water coming out of the ground due to prolonged heavy rains. She remained with one child aged 9 years. On the 9th of June, they slept well but never woke up. It rained so heavily that night. One side of the wall of her house collapsed and fell on them, killing them instantly. She has left behind 4 children and 5 grandchildren. This family is in need of a house.”


The prolonged heavy rain in Kenya has caused a lot havoc. We have 5 other widows in Mukwa whose houses have also come down. We also have 11 pit latrines that have sunk or fallen, and therefore there is a great need for the toilets. We have 15 widows that have no beds, they spread their bedding out on the wet floors. Life has become a burden for these widows. We can save some before another tragedy strikes. Yesterday i was talking to a young man from the Kenya Red Cross and he promised me that once I have materials, he will mobilize some young folks to come and build for the widows, just for one week and the work will be over.”


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