Meet the TA/chief

Chief Maseya

Chief Maseya

Today we met with our dear friend TA/chief Maseya. We have already begun to build a wonderful relationship with him and are so grateful for his support at Hope Village. Today we blessed him with one of our goat's and shared the vision of Heartbeat of Heaven with him at Hope Village, about our hearts as worshippers and our desire to see heaven on earth. It's so exciting to share with him about Jesus and His love for the people of Chikwawa.

We also talked to him about the clinic in the mornings and how we will be doing more community outreach in the afternoons with our medics, seeing people within their homes and using this as an opportunity to minister to the people of Chikwawa and seeing to their need.

God is moving in this place and we are excited for where He is leading us next.

Thank you Jesus!

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