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Hope for the Nations Philippines works with poverty stricken families and children throughout Davao City and other parts of the country. The beauty of the country and the clear signs of economic growth exist in direct contrast to the poverty stricken and rampant exploitation that exist throughout the area. HFTN Philippines pilots and runs feeding programs for school-aged children, education and extra-curricular programs, and support business development and sustainability through micro loans and organic growing programs.


Most recently the Learning on the Streets (LOTS) program is working with students aged 12-16 to undertake weekly training sessions in bookkeeping and accounting. There are 3 certified accountant on the HFTN Philippines team, including Executive Director, Tancho Baes. Some of the children in the class are aspiring to become certified accountants and will hopefully be able to attend university to receive more formalized training.


“Right now, we are teaching them basic accounting to prepare them, as young as they are, because we envision having these children as our bookkeepers and accountants,” says Baes. “Since we are training these children on how to set up an accounting firm, it is our prayer that some of them will open their own firms.”


It’s programs like LOTS that empowers the children in the Philippines to strive for more, to open their eyes to new opportunities, and to create a better chance for a brighter future.


Thanks to everyone who has supported this and similar education-based programs. Your contribution makes programs like this more than just a concept; it helps to build and create ongoing, and much-needed, efforts that are delivered to children in need all over the world.


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