Calling out the gold in our team!

Our medic Mike Mphinga

Our medic Mike Mphinga

Testimony time...

I just love it when you see God do the impossible and move mountains, especially when you see your brother promoted.

Our hearts desire is to see all our staff grow as well as move into their God given destiny...

Such as our brother and staff member Mr. Mike Mphinga who is a medic at our clinic. You see Mike is one of the hardest working, most loyal employees we have...He loves the Lord deeply and has a such a servant heart, even volunteers on his days off to help with our Family and child support program. Together with Sister Chrissie they make an incredible team. When they are not working in the clinic, they are running he baby feeding program, assessing the families and children on support and going into the villages to do house calls and pray for the sick. We just love their faith in the Lord.

Well you see Mike has had a huge desire to go further in his medical field to become a pediatrician. This man has a true gift with babies and children!!!
Ever since the day he told us his desire we encouraged him to go further and stood in agreement with him for a breakthrough!
He took a huge step of faith a few months back to apply for an internship at a really good hospital and then a few nights ago Mike received a prophetic word that he would receive a phone call the next day, this would be his breakthrough ...
The next morning Mike did indeed receive his phone call with the wonderful news that he got in as an intern at the hospital he was trusting God for!!!!

Although we are going to miss him deeply at our clinic we are overjoyed at the fact that he is moving into his God given destiny and we celebrate that with Him as his family.

This is our Heartbeat as a ministry to call out the gold in our staff, volunteers and students and see them catapulted into their God given destinies...

Mike Mphinga go for gold dear friend may you grow from glory to glory and be all that God has called you to be.

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