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our youth leaders

I wish everything about life can be taught in school and when we graduate, we receive our certificate and commission into the real world where we are equipped to handle the challenges, ups and downs and tackle issues effectively. Sadly, some of us can't even see issues. 

Our goal is equip and empower youth to make a difference in their world, but make a real difference, solve problems, improve lives, keep the changes coming so things are always progressing and I think the best way is for them to lead simple projects for their own communities. 

Our youth led a Christmas outreach program to the village last Sunday and they organized everything, they created awareness about this event and garnered sponsorships in cash and kind and even got foreigner volunteers along, they bought gifts and packed them, led games and songs and spent a fun afternoon with disadvantaged children. The program included teaching 1st aid such as how to handle burns, brushing teeth and washing hands. Why? Because this particular village was burned twice over a few years. We have to be solution centric and not do run-of-the-mill programs or do something because it's familiar and has been done many times over. Does it meet needs? Does it address problems? But most of all, having our youth stand in front demonstrates what the children's destiny could look like. Everyone should be given equal access and opportunity to learn, to try, to develop and create their future. I'm so glad our youth have a big heart for their own communities and are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to share. (They could be sleeping on a lazy Sunday afternoon). Slowly but surely, we are transforming a nation, who was impoverished, who had no dreams and who was robbed of a generation of knowledge and intellect. We sow these back. It will be fruitful. Thank you for beliving in the youth of tomorrow. Thank you for supporting us.

If you would like to volunteer in Cambodia or would like to contribute in one way or another, cash or kind, please email Melissa at or PM, FB@Alive Ministries.

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