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Our BRIGHT Christmas campaign is raising awareness and support for educational initiatives for children at risk around the world. Education can be such a powerful tool, and this story from HOPE Director, Patti Hoy proves it . . .


“Pema is from a remote village in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. I first met Pema in 2011.  She was in the first group of 40 girls selected to live at our girls' hostel, where she was able to attend and complete her high school education. She presented herself as a natural leader - outgoing, friendly, and caring. After graduation in 2013, Pema moved to Kathmandu where she worked at our children’s home as a mentor to 30 orphaned girls while she pursued her studies in sociology. She later obtained her bachelor's degree and has continued to manage the Hope Home.


In 2015 a terrible earthquake rocked Nepal. Over 9,000 people lost their lives. Thankfully none of the girls at the Hope Home were injured and the building was not damaged. Pema once again showed her leadership and compassion, helping the girls through a very traumatic, emotional time. She also volunteered as a 'first responder' bringing essential supplies to those in the hardest hit areas.


Over the past few years I've seen more and more evidence of Pema's desire to help others.  She told me about the Crisis Management program offered at the Samarpan Academy. This would be the next step in Pema's dream to help those in need and positively impact people's lives. I was thrilled when she was accepted into the program!


Hope for the Nations has a scholarship program designed to help with tuition costs. Pema's application was approved and she is now enrolled in the program. I look forward to hearing about her experiences that this opportunity brings and seeing her achieve her dream!


All the best Pema! We are so proud of you!”

If you’d like to get involved and lend your support to BRIGHT, you can learn more here...

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