The challenges of the aftermath is disasterous!

Dear Friends,

Please read the following update from Albert & Mel on the current needs in the community to begin the process of rebuilding from the damage of Cyclone Idai.

After the floods a good 75 percent of people we serve and know in our community alone were heavily affected by the flooding....

Either they lost their houses or part of it...

The reason being that we are situated in an area where water rises quickly.

Another problem we currently sit with is water born diseases and an outbreak thereof. ...our clinic has already run out of supplies as the demand for malaria testing recently is at an all time high.

We are also sitting with a posed threat to our own water supply as our boreholes are not very deep.

We have also run out of food supplies for the family, child and baby support programs as we have already assisted so many families and made use of our harvest, or what was left of it.

We had milled maize from our crop harvest to feed the families.

We received clothing and nets which we handed out and also assisted our children with new school books and stationary as their books were damaged in the flooding.

The funds that we now receive will be for the following:

  • Maize
  • Beans
  • Sheets-to close up damaged houses
  • Bricks and cement for rebuilding houses for families who have lost homes.
  • Malaria tests and malaria medication as well as antibiotics for bacterial infections.
  • Seeds (We have had a lot of farmers requesting seeds as they have lost crops that were meant to feed their families!) 


The challenges of the aftermath is disastrous.


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