From making gravel in refugee camp to running her shop

Bernice Williams in her own shop

Bernice Williams in her own shop

The following is an update from Karen Barkman, founder of Provision of Hope Liberia.

"When we first heard about Bernice Williams she was smashing rocks in the Refugee Camp for a cup of rice for her and her little baby. 

My heart breaks when I think of it. 

Later Bernice was one of our leaders in the Refugee Camp. We helped her home in 2012.  She housed orphan kids in the refugee camp, which we  brought home to Liberia with her.  Today she has 7 children she is raising.

This is why we cater to her with loans, so she can help with the kids.

Bernice started with a small shop in Liberia, then grew to the next business of selling clothes, and finally to her own shop. She rents it, but for a very low cost. She was smart and added on her own room at the back, where they live.  She has a contract with her landlord for 10 yrs. he cannot raise her rent above $ 60 per month.  Fantastic deal for what she put into this place."



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