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Here at HOPE, our narrative has been woven over the last 25 years from the threads of hundreds of children's stories around the globe. We hear stories of injustice, desperation, trauma, recovery, joy, victories, and so much hope.


Every story, every child, every victory, no matter how big or small is a celebration of justice, of overcoming odds that once looked impossible.


One such example is the story of Caris:


Caris came to us directly from the hospital at just 5 days old. We received her with the paediatrician report that stated she might live a week, or a month, but she would never live to see her first birthday. We decided we would make each day of her life the best it could be.  One year passed and then two . . . and now Caris is about to turn 15! Caris was born with hydrocephalus, which didn’t allow her brain to develop. She faces many challenges and requires a great deal of care. She has a sweet spirit, and her smiles erase any fatigue that comes with her care. She changes the heart of everyone who has the opportunity to know her.


Every young lady in Mexico looks forward to her 15th birthday, or “quinceañera”. A big party is planned and the young lady is celebrated by friends and family. As Caris’ Hogar de Amor family began to think about and plan the event, it was decided to bump up the event a few months so it would coincide with the visit of “Papi Dennis” and “Mami Diane”. Everyone pitched in with the preparations, food, decorating, set up! It was a beautiful party, befitting a beautiful girl! Balloons, flowers, delicious food, cake, dessert bar, and her very large family celebrating with her. Caris’ smiles were plentiful and she loved all the attention. In the midst of the celebration we couldn’t help but think of the miracle we were witnessing. The paediatrician’s report said one thing . . . God’s report says another! Happy Birthday Caris – we love you!


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