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Did you know that today is World Food Day?

World Food Day was initially founded by the UN in 1945 and has been observed annually every October 16th since 1981. World Food Day was created to commemorate the founding of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. This day helps raise awareness and aims to motivate others to find solutions for food insecurity and food distribution issues.

HOPE recognizes that food security is of the utmost importance both locally and globally.  HOPE operates a program right here in our own city of Kelowna called Food for Thought, providing healthy breakfast items to over 1600 students per day. Our Backpack program sends backpacks filled with nutritious food and child friendly recipes home to over 100 vulnerable students per week.

Globally, many of our school programs also include nutrition programs to help support our students. Many of these children are coming to school hungry every day. Often the food they receive at school is the only food they will get that day. Hunger, malnutrition, and disease are the ugly realities so many children face in the developing world.

8 Reasons Why Zero Hunger Changes the World:

  • Zero hunger could save the lives of 3.1 million children a year,
  • Well-nourished mothers have healthier babies with stronger immune systems,
  • Ending child undernutrition could increase a developing country's GDP by 16.5 percent,
  • A dollar invested in hunger prevention could return between $15 and $139 in benefits,
  • Proper nutrition early in life could mean 46 percent more in lifetime earnings,
  • Eliminating iron deficiency in a population could boost workplace productivity by 20 percent,
  • Ending nutrition-related child mortality could increase a workforce by 9.4 percent,
  • Zero hunger can help build a safer, more prosperous world for everyone.

Get involved, help us work toward #zerohunger by donating locally to Food for Thought.

Or globally to Hope & Bright Future Centre

Parents - here is an excellent resource to engage your young children and teens on this important issue.





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