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Running a school in a large slum is a daunting task.

One is constantly faced with the challenges of overcrowded classrooms, limiited school supplies, shortfalls of food for the feeding program and finally, the lack of funds with which to pay teachers.

I just visited Hope Bright Future School ... located in one of Nairobi's large slums. I was most impressed with the dedication of the trained teachers and their commitment to creating a bright future for each child. This school with it's enrollment of 200 students is working against all odds to bring forth the best in each child. I was so proud of each staff member.

These are children with 'bright minds' and a deep desire to excel at school. For the first time in their lives they will be sitting to write their National Exams ... an opportunity to display their knowledge and aptitude. Let's cheer them on in their quest to reach a 'bright future'.

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