MEXICO - Manzanillo Home


$400 raised

The philosophy of this home is one of long term commitment and care with a focus on family structure similar to a foster-care approach. There are 12 children in this home – most of them are teenagers and have been in the home with Papa Carlos and Mama Yolanda since early childhood.

Our greatest challenge today is the constant financial care that these children require as they are coming into their teenage years. This is a critical time in their lives because they are now facing the decisions needed to prepare themselves for adulthood (university, jobs, marriage, parenthood, etc.) 

Most people are interested in supporting small children, but don’t realize that there are more financial challenges faced as the children grow older.  They now need more personal care items that they didn't need as children, especially the girls. They also need more school related items such as laptop computers, books, transportation, etc. One of the girls in the children’s home is now studying in the university and working a part-time job to try to pay for her studies. 

Presently, the home is deteriorating and in need of many repairs. This is very urgent as there are walls and parts of the ceiling that are falling in.  These dangers are imminent due to the fact that we are entering earthquake and hurricane season. Just last week we had two earthquakes. Part of the material for these repairs has been donated but manual labor for the repairs is also needed.  The repairs on the house are as follows:

Leaking roof (humidity is filtering and deteriorating the strength of the walls). Reconstruction of the service and utility room. (laundry room) Reconstruction of a wall of protection that separates the home from the neighbors.  It will cost $2300 (all amounts given in American dollars) to make these repairs.

The personal needs for the children and house parents are:

·      5 children need upgrades in glasses ($250 each)

·      2 children need orthodontic work ($500 down payment and $50 a month until finished)

·      1 teenager needs monthly tuition ($100 a month)

·      Mama Yolanda needs new glasses:  ($350 – special lenses)


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$400 raised
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