MYANMAR - Children's Home for Former Child Soldiers

To rescue child soldiers from lives of violence, restore their identities, and reshape regions of conflict

$27,415 raised

According to The Asian Wall Street Journal, one third of the approximate 300,000 child soldiers in the world live in Southeast Asia. Yet, "live" is a relative term. Due to political and ethnic instability, conflict is widespread and children and their families suffer. Boys and girls as young as 6 years old are forced into local ethnic armies where they are trained as soldiers for guerrilla warfare. Their purpose: to serve and defend the drug lords of the area at the cost of losing their parents, families, homes and even their own lives.

Project AK-47 is an initiative of HOPE agent, Divine Inheritance. Their goal is to take child soldiers out of hopeless situations and care for them. Working in restricted access regions of Southeast Asia, they provide these children with shelter, food, clothing, education, spiritual care and love.

Children are raised to become leaders in their communities. Some of them will end up working on tea plantations, others as teachers or government leaders. In every aspect of life they are being taught to carry a spirit of excellence and to create a positive impact on the regions they live in.

Our agent, Divine Inheritance, has a historical presence in Southeast Asia spanning over 120 years of work with children and families. 

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  • Every child deserves to have a safe place to learn, live and grow. Your donations rescue children from the captivity of forced labor and fighting to give them freedom. Above, Cho tells his story as a rescued child soldier. Many children face the same hardships that Cho describes and together we take a stand against this evil.  Thank you for continually making a difference in the lives of our children in Myanmar.

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$27,415 raised
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