MYANMAR - Hope Home, Village & School

To rescue child soldiers from lives of violence, restore their identities, and reshape regions of conflict

$1,625 raised

Since 1998, HOPE's long-term field agent, Divine Inheritance,  has been caring for and training children in the Shan State region with the hope that they will one day be leaders of integrity in their community. For years now, the children at this home have been top competitors in athletics and academics in their region. We are so proud of their hard work and the commitment of their caregivers.

Garden of Hope Home & Village

When the older children in this home are completing high school and preparing to move on, we strive to provide them with sustainable livelihoods and long-term solutions for their futures. We have been growing a 200-acre tea farm to help support the children. Tea farming gives them a viable option - five acres of tea supports a family by local standards, so having 200 productive acres bears incredible potential for the children as they transition into adulthood and become contributing members of their society.

Hope Home for Children Affected by Armed Conflict

Located within reach of Hope Village, this home is run through NGO partners and local communities who started the home in response to regional fighting years ago. The home contains 12-15 children on average and is a cozy house nestled away in a mango orchard. This home is specifically for children who have been demobilized from the military. The children have been thriving in this safe environment and attend a government school in the city.

State School

One of the critical components of caring for rescued child soldiers, and children affected by armed conflict, is education. Ironically, education is one of the key reasons why the government is allowing our on the ground agent to demobilize children. The literacy rates in many of our target regions are unbelievably low, in the single digits. The local government recognizes the need for its people to be educated in order for the region to survive economically over the next few decades. They have recognized our agent's ability to create quality schools and children’s programs, and they are eager for us to open schools and rescues homes in new areas. They have agreed to demobilize many more child soldiers in exchange for these programs.

Our agent, Divine Inheritance, has a historical presence in Southeast Asia spanning over 120 years of work with children and families. 


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$1,625 raised


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