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HOPE and Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation Inc. have focused their efforts in a slum of Manila with a population of over one million. Due to rampant poverty and under-employment, many children in the area are malnourished and spend their time roaming the streets. Young boys and girls are often forced to work in the markets or lured into prostitution to help their families survive. Orphans living in areas of such extreme poverty are especially at risk.

Our program was established with the vision to transform the lives of children at risk, families and communities in need. Since 2011, JLLC has focused on providing formal and informal education to the community. The children here are given a temporary home, food, clothing, education, medical and dental services, case management, counseling, sports and recreational opportunities.

We engage and participate in community development and poverty reduction. In addition, we are actively involved and network with government and non-government agencies to educate the general populace about the overwhelming national and global issue of children at risk.

We have a deep conviction to reach out to the growing number of children not attending school. In the Philippines, education is considered an important avenue or passport to upward social mobility - a hope for the future for children and families living in extreme poverty.


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