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Providing care and education to children living in extreme poverty

Children at Risk in Manila

HOPE and Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation Inc. have focused their efforts in a slum in Manila, with a population of over one million There is a lack of safe infrastructure and proper sanitation. Due to rampant poverty and under-employment, many children in the area are malnourished and spend their time roaming the streets. Young boys and girls are often forced to work in the markets or lured into prostitution to help their families’ survival. Orphans living in areas of such extreme poverty are especially at risk.

Children’s Home and Community Initiatives

We provide care and proper case management for the neglected, abandoned, orphaned and abused children who are referred to the Home.

The children are given a temporary home, food, clothing, education, medical and dental services, case management, counseling, and sports and recreational opportunities. The goal is for children to be re-integrated to their families or foster homes or to live independently so that they can fully pursue their goals and aspirations in a healthy environment.

Education and Future School

According to a UNICEF report about Filipino literacy, there are 832,420 children aged 7-12 who are out of school and 3 out of 10 Grade 1 pupils cannot reach Grade 6. Therefore, Pre-School & Elementary Centers are urgently needed to respond to the current demand and state of education where schools are not otherwise available.

We provide education to 140 children both from the Home and from the community, at the pre-school, elementary, and high school level. Through Educational Assistance and Sponsorship, all these children have been, and continue to be, supported.


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Project Updates

  • EDUCATION is one of the UN "rights of the child" around the entire world. However, millions of children do not attend school.

    Crushing poverty, government corruption and various cultural issues are all contributing factors to the child remaining outside the doors of a school.

    Yet, in one of the poorest slums of metro Manila, hundreds of impoverished children attend RIVERSPRINGS SCHOOL. Why? Because of 'partnership'.

    HOPE FOR THE NATIONS, BEAHERO are two Canadian partners who have linked with the leadership efforts of Chito and Rachel to bring financial resources to the table. The formula is pretty basic:


    Through partnership, HOPE accomplishes our vision of seeing ...


  • March 26, 2013 was a momentous day for students in the Pinagbuhatan district of Manila, as Riversprings School celebrated its newest graduates and commended their outstanding achievements. Teachers, parents, and classmates gathered together to recognize students’ hard work and progress, and graduates sang a song called “JOURNEY” to thank their supporters and symbolize the fruitful year they had shared together. Students were filled with pride as their names were announced by Principal Arcilla, and shared their joy as distinguished students received medals and certificates for their remarkable academic success. Graduates described the ceremony as one of the most important days of their lives, marking their ‘rite of passage’ and transition into further educational opportunities.

    With many Filipino children and youth in Pinagbuhatan living in slums, it is easy to see why graduates of Riversprings School are thankful for their education and excited for their future endeavors. Hope for the Nations partners with Jesus Loves the Little Children in the Philippines to provide care and education for children who are neglected, abandoned, orphaned, and abused. By providing educational assistance and sponsorship, children are given the life chances necessary to give them the hope for a future.

    One graduate at a time, we will continue to invest in the lives of children. The provision of such basic needs as food, shelter, and education are essential to create opportunities in which children can flourish and be advocates of change.

    To partner with us in making a difference in the life of a child you can:

    Empower a Filipino child through education and sponsorship.

    Contribute towards the basic provisions of food, shelter, and educational supplies.

  • Games, prizes and fun for everyone!

  • Dear Friends and Partners:

    For a whole week of relentless rains and floods that hit 80% of Metro Manila at least 95 people are confirmed dead and 2.68 Million people were affected by the floods. 
    The faithful who implored God to stop the rains that had flooded and paralyzed Metro Manila the past several days got their prayers answered.  As the sun began to peek Thursday, Aug. 9, the nation was still in disbelief at how so much damage was left behind.

    Volunteers started to flock at River of God Church’s office in Robinson’s Galleria Mall to pack groceries, toiletries, medicines and clothes in grocery bags for distribution to flood victims in various areas of Metro Manila.

    As of today, Aug. 11, Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation (JLLCF) and Riversprings School are still submerged in knee-and-waist-deep waters.  Attached are pictures taken inside our JLLCF compound and at the Pasig City Wet Market which is just a block away from JLLCF.

    Our suspicion that we will not be able to have school in the next 2 weeks stand correct.  We pray that the water will recede soon so that we will be able to rebuild and restore damaged walls, classrooms, ceilings, toilets, furniture, blackboards, desks, playground and garden.  We are thankful that we do not have any damaged documents/files this time.  However, intense cleaning, disinfecting and rebuilding are of utmost importance.

    Again, we would appreciate any monetary support to pay for rafts, boats, transport expenses and volunteers’ meals.  We are also paying local men in the slum to safety the transports of goods to the slum.
    Again, Continue to pray with us....Pray for the Philippines and the Filipinos. God bless you for your kindness, love and generosity.



    Chito and Rachel Sanchez
    Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation
    Riversprings School
    River of God Church


  • Post submitted by Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation - Riversprings School

    "Ferdinand currently stopped from schooling due to financial lack just like his sister older sister Deiseree (14 yrs. old) and Brother Daryl (17 yrs. old) who both work as helpers in a store at their young age.

    Ferdinand’s father died from tuberculosis while his mother is suffering from cataract on both eyes.  After the death of his father, his family suffered a great deal financially.  His other siblings stopped attending school as well. Despite of her condition, Ferdinand’s mother still continues to look for other possible source of income, like doing laundry jobs and making rugs “basahan” from garment scraps to feed her children.

    Ferdinand’s family lives in a dilapidated house in Barangay Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City. The household does not have water connection and electricity. They are extremely poor and the entire family is very malnourished.

    Ferdinand wants to go back to school. He is determined to finish schooling and help his siblings."

    Please help Ferdinand to realize his dream - it only takes a few dollars a day!! 

    Click HERE to donate!

  • One day in August, HSBC volunteers came to JLLCF. Each volunteer was paired with a child. Every pair had a book to read. The volunteers read out loud to expose the child to proper grammar and phrasing.  Reading to them enhances the development of their spoken lan­guage skills and their ability to express themselves verbally. The more young children are read to, the greater their interest in mast­ering reading.  After finishing their BIG book, you could see how happy the children were having someone read to them and how much they enjoyed being with their volunteer!

    Gardening with kids of any age encourages their interest in nature and enthusiasm early on in life.  This in turn gives them invaluable basic skills and an understanding of how the whole eco-system works.
    HSBC volunteers introduced the basics of creating gardens to the children.  The kids were amazed and excited to try planting!  First they practiced planting with grown plants until each child was given a pot, fertilizer and seeds. Then the volunteers assisted them in planting their first seed!
    According to the House parents, the day after they planting their seed they all rushed to their pots and checked out how was their baby seed doing. The younger kids were unhappy to see that there was no plant!  They wanted their seeds to grow quickly!  With some explanation, they realized it would take some time.  They are still busy to date, waiting for the plants to sprout!

  • To commemorate the 150 birthday of national hero, Jose Rizal the children made flags in arts and crafts.  Jose Rizal was a proponent of achieving Philippine self-government peacefully through institutional reform rather than through violent revolution.  His execution led to the  Philippine Revolution.

  • Roxas Boulevard, Manila has busy streets and many historical tourist spots.The National Council for Social Development (NCSD)  organized a clean up activity on Roxas Boulevard which involved several foundations in Metro Manila that catered to street children. This event, in celebration of the Earth Day, aimed to show that even street kids can make a difference in this world.
    The Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation (JLLCF) was one of the participants in the  event. Each child was armed with a glove and a trash bag. They picked up trash on the streets while carrying banners with statements that urged people to love the street kids and the environment.
    It was a great experience for our boys having been exposed to this kind of activity  that also stirred up their awareness of the importance of caring for the environment and of course, for each other, as brothers and sisters in Christ.
    The kids rocked the streets

  • Silence filled the van as the boys were on their way to the Med Asia Clinic in Quezon City for their medical check up last March 15. Yes, the boys were scared and they were all restless on the trip going there. The JLLCF staff was there too, to have their annual check up as required by the Department of Social Welfare an Development.
    Our youngest boy, Norman, 6, quietly sat and waited for his turn at the waiting area. His eyes were filled with wonder as to what was being done to his big brothers. When it was his turn, he carefully watched the doctors and nurses as they were doing the routine check up. His big brown eyes suddenly widened when he saw the needle being prepared to get a sample of his blood. The doctor assured him that it wouldn’t hurt and so he gave in and let the nurse put the needle in.
    JLLCF is so thankful to God because almost all the boys had positive results and only a few would need follow up check ups and medication. God is faithful in restoring these boys, not just spiritually but physically as well.

  • The highlight of the evening was the surprise short video which the boys had prepared for the JLLCF staff. It was a touching moment as it was their way of saying, “Thank You for loving us.” That simple gesture has really made a difference in the relationship between the staff and all the children. The first Fun Night has indeed, achieved all of its objectives in further improving every individual's character and developing better relationships in the Home. Because of this, the boys are now looking forward to the next Fun Night! Organized by the big boys, preparations were underway 3 days prior to the event. There were lots of food, good music, and tons and tons of fun as everyone played games, danced, and sang the night away. February 18, Friday, marked the very first Fun Night at the Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation. It was an event which aimed to recognize the good deeds of the boys; to harness their God-given talents through special presentations; to develop self confidence and self esteem; to develop leadership and sense of responsibility of the Big Boys; and lastly to build stronger interpersonal relationships among the children and the staff and volunteers.

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