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Providing a home for children at risk in Pattaya

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Thousands of children in Pattaya live desperate lives marked by neglect, hunger, sickness, loneliness, fear and often physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Some simply have desperately poor parents or care-givers. Others live on the streets, some in the slum areas of the city, some completely abandoned. All face a bleak future unless there is intervention by caring people from the larger community.

HOPE agent, Haven Children's Home, protects and provides for children who are at risk in Pattaya. Haven's team of dedicated caregivers provide a clean safe home, good food, medical care, clothing, education and lots of love to all the children.

The home is a licensed center with state approval to care for 30 children, and facilities to care for up to 50. Haven is pleased to be a member of “Pattaya Plan”, a group of government departments & NGOs working together to meet the needs of children & youth in the city.

Our on-site Early Learning Center provides pre-school training for children from 1 1/2 to 4 years, at which time they enter the Thai public school system.


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Project Updates

  • There are several projects happening at the home designed to be therapy for the children as well as to help them learn responsibility, patience, and critical thinking skills. 


    • Egg laying chickens - we have 50 chickens that provide eggs daily
    • Fertilizer project (with worms) - we make our own fertilizer to use when we plant vegetables or trees
    • Gardening - we grow vegetables and fruit to eat
    • Catfish project - started in June 2016, we have 1000 fish!


    These projects provide food for our home, and if the children at some point return to their own homes, they can take what they've learned and use it to help their families or even earn an income.

  • Haven Children’s Home has been providing programs of support to children at risk for over 15 years. Their aim is to help children who have been abandoned, are malnourished, or don’t have access to education. The home hosts a total of 34 children, most of which live at the home full time. Through the love, support, and care provided by the staff at Haven, the children are able to grow and flourish in a nurturing environment and create new stories for their lives. Here are two such stories . . .

    Meet Dow

    When Dow first came to us we thought her general tiredness was due to her former living conditions and lifestyle, but when she was 11 years old, it was discovered she needed open heart surgery to repair 4 holes that were preventing her heart from functioning normally – virtually robbing her body of vital oxygen flow.

    The surgery was performed in November of last year and was very successful. She gained weight, had better colour, and showed an increase in her energy levels. She still has a small leak in one heart valve but it will be checked again in a few months to determine if anything further needs to be done.

    Now 12 years old, we were able to find her family (mom, older half­brother, grandfather, and grandmother) and she returned to live with them in April this year. The community in which she now lives is very supportive and has pledged its help to ensure she is well taken care of.

    She will come back to our home in October for a few days when we will take her to the hospital to check the condition of the heart valve and learn what, if anything, needs to be done to allow her to continue to enjoy life as a normal teenage girl.

    Meet Praeme

    Praeme, who will be 16 years old in November, is our oldest child and has just finished grade 9.  In grades 7 and 8 he was quite a worry to us as we wondered if he would ever be able to rise above his GPA scores of 1.43 and 1.97 to allow him to pass the tests required for attendance at a reputable vocational training school.

    We need not have worried – it seemed that he too realised his prankster teenage days were behind him and he thrilled us all by obtaining a GPA of 3.10 at the end of grade 9, and has been accepted at a well ­known, well established school in Bangkok where he will study engineering. He is very excited (and a little nervous) to be a first year boarder there, but he is wanting to show us all how well we have prepared him to meet the challenges he will now face.

    We also believe his English language skills (he was one of four children at our home to be chosen to take the Oxford English exam in Rayong earlier in the year, and acquitted himself admirably) will be of great help to him in a cosmopolitan city such as Bangkok and ultimately give him a tremendous advantage when he enters the job market.

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$19,464 raised
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